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Coastal Properties Property & Rental Management

Property Management and maintenance Mojácar, Almería. Short and Long Term Rentals Accommodations of Apartments and Villas.

The properties that we market for rentals must be to the high standards that renters expect. Rentals in Mojacar is our business and every property for every owner must therefore be properly managed and maintained to the highest attainable standards.

Consequently, swimming pools are kept clean with correct water content; gardens kept neat, tidy and picturesque; boilers, washing machines, dishwashers and all uitility items pristinely maintained; linen, utensils and property furnishings always clean and well presented.

For clients wishing to enhance their asset, we offer a quality management service, based upon over thirty years of first hand experience in all aspects of construction, to arrange and to supervise every part of refurbishments, extensions, pool and garden design and construction, air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing, decorating works etc. -this is really knowing what is properly carried out to best quality/price, and wish knowledge of applicable laws.

The Cost

Charges are submitted every twelve weeks. We would be pleased to supply rates for apartments or villas upon application.

Rates are subject to IVA (VAT) Currently at 21%

The Service

Covers a weekly inspection of property. All windows and doors are inspected to check security. All taps are opened to ensure clean flowing water; toilets are flushed. The electrical supply is activated to check the lights and all appliances operate. In the case of bad weather, checks will be made promptly as necessary. Should any problem become apparent, i.e. leaks to pipes, damp etc. We would ensure that the necessary minor repairs are carried out, you would be advised and quotes obtain for your approval.

Gardening, pool/cleaning maintenance services as approppriate are managed and operatives paid. Payment of services i.e. water, electricity, rubbish disposal/collection can be arranged through our offices (subject to a small handling charge) to ensure that services are maintained with copies of bills issued montly for clients perusal and retention.

This Service gives peace of mind to the owner who is assured that his/her investment is being cared for during his/her absence

Keys are securely retained (not identifiable to property address).

By our Clients investment in the Coastal Property Management package, 'the door is opened' to our Rental Management facilities.

There are 40 years experience in Project Management and Construction/Refurbishment of properties in Coastal Properties. We are therefore able to promptly provide quotations for all building works. The works would be professionally supervised throughout to ensure good workmanship to a high standard. We would continually liaise between the property owner and operatives working on the project, provide regular progress reports, supported by photographs and make payments on owners behalf. A small, pre-agreed commission is charged to cover the costs incurred for the Project Management services. Other services as detailed under the terms of Rental Management such as cleaning, laundry, gas bottle supply etc, are also available at the rates applicable. Detailed and fully substantiated accounts are issued montly, (except for November)

The Cost 

-Commission is charged on all rentals obtained by our office at (% submitted on application) of the published rates or, of the value of the letting as agreed with the owner.

-For rentals obtained by the owner, a commission of (% submitted on application) is charged on the published rental prices. (Note: If an owner chooses to provide their property freely to a friend or family or at any reduced rate, our commission will still be charged at the published friend or family or at any reduced rate, our commission will stilll be charged at the published rate).

-Cleaning is charged per hour at a rate on application.

-Laundry is charged per item.

-Exchange of gas bottles (12.5kg butane) is charged at a rate on application if exchanged at our offices or if necessary as a rental preparation. If exchanges necessitate a speacial visit the cost is (cost on application) per bottle.

All of these costs apply if the property is also managed by Coastal Properties. If the property is not managed by ourselves the cost of services are increased. All costs are subject to IVA (VAT) currently charged at 21%

The Service

-Professional publicity of Coastal Propeties via local publications and advertising of all properties via our internet facilities, and major portals, to obtain rentals at the highest attainable value, to ensure maximum return on owners investment.

-Issue of confirmation of booking each month. When ever necessary, the individual booking is discussed with owner prior to confirmation to avoid any misunderstanding or potential duplication of lettings.

-Arrange car hire or transportation between airports and the accommodation.

-Collection of deposits and balances due.

-Check tenants need and provide any additional services, such as, cots, welcome packs etc.

-Continual liaison between owner/ourselves/tenant/vendor/purchaser.

-Provide detailed directions from airports to our offices and the rental property.

-Unless alternatively specified by owner we will ensure the the property will be prepared prior to any habitation i.e thoroughly cleaned, sufficient clean linen provided and gas bottles (if applicable) checked and replaced if necessary.

-Via our office facilities and mobile telephones we are always available to answer any tenants queries, assist in any time of need and therefore provide a 'first port of call for peace of mind' to resolve any problems or worries.

-Our local knowledge is useful to advise upon places of interest to visit, restaurants, bars etc. We try to visit all tenants during their holiday period, without being intrusive, to ensure their continued enjoyment.

-For rental periods in excess of ten days, soiled laundry is collected and replacement clean laundry delivered on a weekly basis.

-As soon as a property is vacated, the property is visited, thoroughly checked, windows shut and locked. Rubbish bins are emptied, the electrical supply turned off (unless a pool supply etc has to be maintained). Fridge freezer doors are left open, washing machine/dishwasher checked. External gulleys inspected to avoid flooding if heavy rain occurs, ensure taps are off/water supply off (unless required for pool plant or garden watering system etc) Curtains are left closed.

-If the property is to be left unoccupied after a rental, we carry out a 'shut-down' procedure that includes bringing garden furniture etc, into the property or store for sake keeping and to reduce deterioration from the sun and to return all items to cupboards etc, in a clean state.

-If desired, long term rental can be obtained. The rental return per month is generally equivalent to the return for a week in high season. The tenant is responsible for all living expenditures. Long term arrangements are agreed with the owner prior to confirmation, but we constantly check the property and the tenant (s) throughout the period.

-All deposits and balances received for rentals are detailed upon your individual account. Similarly, all commission and charges are identifield. Accounts are issued montly (except November), with a separate 'bookings' schedule.

We trust that the aforementioned detail provides you with confirmation of the services that we carry out/administer. We treat your home with care and carefully monitor all activities to keep your property and contents in the best possible condition.

We strive to be the best Management company, offering the service that you desire and at a competitive cost.

Additional Services

Car Hire (list of charges relative to requirements available upon request).

Transportation between airports and the accommodation address (Almeria to Mojacar and Alicante to Mojacar) at rates submitted on application.

Cot hire at a rate submitted on application. Provision of food packs - Cost relative to requirements, together with any 'special' requirements (flowers for a speacial occasion etc) delivered and placed in the accommodation.

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